Now you see me, now you don’t!

I am amazed at how customer service varies from the “we will do anything for you” to the “we don’t need your business” attitude.

I recently needed to buy a product to cover my laptop to prevent it from being damaged. I ventured into a well-known high-street store intent on buying something suitable. It was close to 5pm and I was the only customer in the shop. During the 15 minutes that I was there not one of the three customer service representatives approached me to ask whether I required any assistance. I thought I was quite clearly sending signals that I needed some help – making eye contact, and intently looking at a particular range of products.

Now, you might think why didn’t I just go over and ask for help but I wanted to hold back and experience the level of customer service that I would receive towards closing time. Needless to say I walked out of the shop having bought nothing as a result of this lack of service.

As a customer I felt invisible and unwanted – not a great way to make someone feel when you are providing a service. I will remember that feeling which I will no doubt relay to countless others should that topic of conversation arise.

How you make your customers feel is important because we rarely forget how someone or something made us feel – whether that be a ride at a theme park or how we were treated at a busy restaurant. We all know the power of the “word of mouth”, i.e. story-telling, and how it can bring untold rewards if it’s positive.

As a business have you thought how you want to make your customers feel when they engage with your service or product – no matter what the time or day? Do you want them to feel important and special? To feel comfortable – psychologically and physiologically? If you want your customers to tell a compelling story about you then you need to have standards which everyone in your business understands and buys into.

Setting customer service standards and then training all of your staff in understanding the importance of these and consistency is key to a good story being told. Sounds blindingly obvious but making someone feel invisible will ensure they will not be visible on your radar any time soon.

I bought my cover from the competition…

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