Are you assertive in the workplace?

Have you ever wanted to say, “NO!” to another request made of you to do yet more work, ask a difficult colleague/employee to do something for you, or deal with an aggressive individual?

Most of us will have had experience of one or more of the above at some point in our working lives. Sometimes we may have dealt with it effectively and at other times we will THINK about how we want to respond but will not follow through.

During the Building Assertiveness course that I deliver I ask why people are not assertive and what impact this has on their lives. The responses are not surprising. For example we all generally want to be liked and we think that if we say YES all the time we will be liked. In addition most of us struggle with handling conflict and will therefore do anything to avoid any form of it whilst we are at work.

We miss out on key opportunities or are overlooked because we don’t voice our opinion, express what we think and/or feel.

Being assertive in the workplace is such a crucial skill and can help us to become more productive, self-confident, and respected by our colleagues and employers. We achieve more of our own goals because we are able to understand what is important to us and where our strengths lie.

Are you assertive in the workplace?



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